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5 pages double space essay about aristotle

Instruction: . Answer each question as thoroughly as possible focusing on all the aspects of the question. See the grading rubric for more information on how the exam will be graded. Answers to each question should be roughly 5 pages in length.

Answers must indicate the question being answered, be type written, double spaced, with 1 inch margins, and Times New Roman 12 cpi font. The text should be used to support your answers, when citing the text please use in-text citation referring to the page number. Do not use excessive quotation, more than 3 lines per page is considered excessive. If outside sources are being used a work cited page will be required. Each question should be treated as an individual paper and will be handed in separately.

Question: Aristotle considers friendship to be important for a well ordered society. Why is friendship necessary for society? How is friendship illustrated in Aristotle through his discussion of the good and bad forms of democracy? What role does slavery play in Aristotle’s view of friendship? Relying on Aristotle’s definition, describe how friendship does or does not exist on modern American politics.

* so there are 5 separate questions, each question must be in one page to have a complete 5 pages essay. i will provide the text for you asap

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