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500 word limit paper about business managements very easy 1

Read an article and write a 500 word paper that answers all 4 questions. Very Easy!

The questions that are needed to be answered in the paper are:

1. According to the article, the coronavirus has made balance sheets more important.

First of all, what is a balance sheet? Second, why has the balance sheet become

more of a focus? Why is the balance sheet not always as important? Why is the

balance sheet less important in non-crisis times?

2. At a time in which firms are paying more attention to their balance sheets, what

role does strategic management still have? Does strategy matter more or does it

matter less in such crisis circumstances? Justify your answer!

3. Why do firms usually pay more attention to the income statement? In what sense

is the income statement more strategically relevant than the balance sheet,


4. What is the implied opposite of the balance sheet? (Correct answer: income

statement!) If companies are paying more attention to the balance sheet, then

what are they paying less attention to? Which performance statistics matter less

now compared to the balance sheet?

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