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a comparative analysis research paper 6 8 pages era 1900 1945

Length: 6 -8pages: a discussion of one (or more, relatedaspects) in two literary works that contribute to the message your essay conveys; the works analyzed, as in the case of your first assignment, the selected works should be written within the era studied (1900-1945; they should not be listed on the syllabus); it also needs to include at least 5 critical articles/secondary sources (in addition to the primary works analyzed)

  • The sources need to be cited and documented following MLA style (in case you’d rather use the documentation style of your chosen discipline, include a copy /sample of the documentation style; non-inclusion of the sample of the style other than MLA will result in lowering of the grade for the paper).
  • You can use some of the reading material that you discussed in your first essay; however, you should discuss the material from an entirely different point of view. Otherwise, Turnitin will categorize it as plagiarism.
  • Special assignment: Since our reading materials refer to the modern era (i.e., early 20th century), in order to help you understand the era framed by two World Wars and, particularly, to remember the atrocities committed by the Nazis in World War II, I encourage you to visit St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum and write an analytic/reflective paper the Holocaust and its significance. Your discussion point of view can correspond with the discipline of your major (for instance, it could be a psychological or social analysis of the Holocaust; the psychological trauma of the survivors; analysis of the Holocaust through art, literature etc.). The essay should follow essay guidelines posted on Canvas (on the Assignments’ page) and should include additional research (the same number as your second paper). This essay, 6-8 pages or longer, with secondary sources, can substitute your second analysis and should be submitted on the due day of your comparative analysis.
  • Please include the Reflection.
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