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a tiny eternal continent response

Sample Critique Guidelines I. Background Information on the Play a. Title b. Playwright c. When you saw it d. Where you saw it e. Director’s name and Designers, if available f. Background on the play, if available (it’s fine to research a play before you see it) II. The Actual Production You Saw: (Use specific examples from the play to support your responses to the following) a. Describe the play’s central conflict, or (very briefly) the plot b. Identify the main character(s) and the actors who played them c. Discuss the performance of 2 actors. What was effective or ineffective? d. Describe at least one design element (scenic, costumes, light, sound, projections) and its support or detraction of the storytelling. e. If the play is a musical, describe the music and how it affected the play. f. Discuss the reaction of other audience members. Were they involved? Did they lose interest? Did they laugh, gasp, or react emotionally to anything or stage? g. Was the story clearly told? Could you see, hear, and understand all of the words and actions? III. Would you recommend this play to others? Why or Why not? a. Did you receive a message from the event? b. What was your overall impression of the success of this event? Did it achieve what it set out to do? c. Feel free to include any other info that might help another student decide whether or not to attend this event (cost, relevance to current events, educational value, etc) IV. Mechanics and Writing a. Play titles should be underlined, bolded, OR italicized. Plays are complete works. b. Does your response provide a clear picture of your experience with the play? c. Do you support your views with examples from the production? d. Do you use the language and vocabulary of theatre? the play video

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