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African American Studies

Assignment #1: “African Tribal Heritage of the People of the Bible” in The Africans Who Wrote the Bible: Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity have Never Told by Nana Banchie Darkwah

1. On page 1, what does the Bible state is the connection between Europe, Christianity, and the Jews?

2. On page 1, Darkwah asks: “…why did the authors of the Old Testament documents show their indigenous African tribal names, and why did the authors and people of the New Testament come to acquire English names?” What answer does Darkah give to this question?

3. Why do you think it is important for Christians to know these facts? Note: Do not answer this question based on your own personal beliefs, emotions, or religious faith!

4. Read the last two paragraphs on page 1 (which ends on page 2) and the second to the last paragraph on page 2 (begins with, “The Bible without question is…”) carefully. Christianity is a religion based on absolute faith in the validity of the Biblical doctrines and scriptures, which means Christians are not to approach the Bible in an academically or logical way. Based on the three paragraphs, what does the author suggests is a consequence of exclusively approaching the Bible with faith? Note: Do not answer this question based on your own personal beliefs, emotions, or religious faith!

5. Put aside your personal faith for a moment and address this question philosophically: If it is true that what Christians are taught about the Bible is untrue, does this mean that the Bible is not the “Word of God”? Note: Do not answer this question based on your own personal beliefs, emotions, or religious faith!

6. What does Darkwah suggests is the answer to the mystery of the Biblical origins in the 3rd paragraph on page 3? Why do you think Darkwah’s argument is important to so-called Black people or People of African descent?

7. According to Darkwah, scholastic searches about Biblical origins have been flawed by what four main impediments?

8. What ethnic group in Africa does Darkwah claim the original Jewish people descended from and who is responsible for the philosophical and ceremonial foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

9. On page 6, what does Darkwah state Europeans have long known about African Hebrews and Europe?

10. On page 7, Darkwah posits that “The worst part of being involved in a discussion with… [faithful Christians] is that their only source of religious and historical knowledge is the Bible and its interpretations.” Why do you think this is a major problem?

11. Where were the documents of the Bible compiled, edited, and translated for the Greeks?

12. On page 7, Darkwah’s purpose in writing this book is: “It is the human story behind the Bible that this book seeks to bring out so that those who believe would know and better understand what they believe. It may even help to strengthen and refine some believers’ faith.” What do you think about this?

13. Where in Africa did the Jewish people become a people?

14. Why do you think it is important for Darkwah to include W. Y. Adams’ discussion on page 8 about his frustrations with suggesting Nubians, which White scholars have long considered a Black or African people now living close to modern-day Ethiopia (Kush), not only preceded the ancient Egyptians, but settled in Egypt, thus making Egypt Black?

15. On page 10, why was Leon Poiakov, in The Quest for the New Adam, searching for a different source for the origins of Europeans?

16. From page 11, Darkwah reveals the early Catholic Church portrayed Biblical characters including Jesus, Mary, and her people as Black. Why do you think so many Black churches today have pictures of these people as White?

17. On pages 11-12, how did Sir Godfrey Higgins prove to his doubters that the images in the early Catholic Church were Black?

18. On page 13, Darkwah states that Catholic churches portrayed the major figures in the Bible in artwork as Black for over a thousand years. What did the Catholic churches do to change the ethnicity (race) of the major figures? Go to the internet and see if you can find any depictions of the Black images Darkwah discusses on page 14 and print one out if you can. Note: Try to find the exact pictures he mentions, such as in Spain or the Black Madonna in Rome, and do not settle for just any ol’ internet junk!

19. Black Catholic priest, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr. who the Catholic Church tried to excommunicate in the 1980s for arguing Jesus was Black, presents several facts to support his claim. List the 4 facts Stallings presented to make his case for the Blackness of the Biblical people.

20. According to Darkwah, what 4 main processes did Europeans use to change their original depictions of Jesus from Black to White?

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