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algebra question 817

Need answer from Q1 to Q5

1.5 -2 PAGE

Explain the distributive, inverse, and identity properties in simple language with no formalities.

  • Select two examples for each property.
    • Explain how each example fits each property.

2. Create your own linear scenario and problem. Have at least two parts to your problem for your classmates to solve. Make sure you know the answer to your own problem!

Here is an example of a linear scenario and problem: A new car costs $21,000, and the car’s value depreciates linearly to $10,500 in three years. Explain the process to write a formula that expresses the car’s value, V, in terms of its age, t, in years. What is the car’s value in 5 years? At what point is the formula useless? Explain. (Do NOT use this example as your linear scenario and problem.)

3. Suppose that the volume of a box is (2p3 + 15p2 + 28p) cubic feet. The height is p feet and the length is (p + 4) feet. Explain the process to find an expression that represents the width. Based on answering this problem, create a new scenario for your classmates to complete.

4. Teach the class how to use the greatest common factor (GCF) to simplify a polynomial expression. Illustrate the concept with examples. Remember that teaching requires detailed explanation, as well as the actual math.

5. Teach your classmates the process to find the domain of a rational function. Illustrate the concept with two examples, one of which requires factoring. Please include both set notation and interval notation as part of your teaching. Remember that teaching requires detailed explanation, as well as the actual math.

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