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answer questions about donald trump 10 pages

Please answer the questions thoroughly; You MUST answer each of the questions, gather the info in your section, and provide at least 5 references. Information is thorough, complete, accurate and responds directly to questions, Sources are credible, varied, and high quality, Responses are clearly written and information is well organized.


Campaign Overview

  • What is the campaign’s main message to voters? What is their campaign slogan? What kinds of messages do they convey about themselves or the issues? Do you think the messages are effective? Provide a sample of their campaign materials.
  • What is their website like? Is it easy to use? What images are most prominent? How useful is the information on the website?
  • Do they have a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account? Other social media? What kinds of messages or content do they send ? Who is their target audience? Give examples.
  • Are campaign materials available in different languages? Website?
  • Describe the campaign office: What is the environment like? What neighborhood is it in? What kind of space is it? What kinds of people are working in the office? Were you welcomed when you came in? Do you feel welcome there?
  • Any events that volunteers/potential supporters could attend? Describe them in detail.
  • What is their strategy to win the election? Are they planning to register voters? If so, which voters are they targeting? How are they going to encourage people to participate in the election who usually don’t?
  • What are the most important roles for volunteers?
  • How do they recruit volunteers? (Call or contact the office to become a volunteer, and record your observations – did they call you back right away? What kind of activities did they invite you to? How were you treated?)

Campaign Contributions/Expenses

  • What campaign rules govern this election (both on contributions and expenditures)? Did the candidate agree to a spending limit?
  • How much money have they raised in the current election? Past elections?
  • Who are their contributors? (See Ethics Commission for this information) Do you see a pattern (mostly from businesses, what industries, unions, small business owners, individuals, etc.)? Are the contributions mostly small or large?
  • Are independent expenditure committees or PACs supporting their campaign (or opposing it)? Who is behind them?
  • Are they accepting public financing? How much of their money comes from this source?
  • How much money did they spend on their campaign? What kinds of things did they spend money on?
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