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answer the following questions 410

From the Text: Mass Media Law 20th edition.

1. What is meant by “Right to Publicity”

2. Give an example of a misappropriation of someone’s Name or Likeness
3. What is Intrusion and can information gathered by illegal intrusion ever be shared legally.
4. Explain the current laws on the use of hidden cameras and secret recordings
5. Are there any restrictions on using Drones to capture video recordings
6. What are Private Facts and how does the law protect you from the release of private facts about you.
7. Explain how newsworthiness can outweigh a person’s right to privacy.
8. What is False Light. Give an example of a false light case.

Write 3 reflections (a paragraph for each with 4-5 sentences) on 3 sports out of 15 sports answering questions;

What do you think about the sport you reviewed? Do you thinks it will have a space in future or it is just populist idea?

Secret airborne cell phone scanners spying on you?
Is Your Tv Spying on You?

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