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answer the quiz questions

The Social Network (2010) Movie

– Loner (Novel) — I did upload it to you.

– You (TV Show) First Episode.

Quiz: The Social Network, Loner, You, etc. 30 pts. 2-3 sentences. Skip 2 questions. (You can chose any two you want)

  1. The Social Network essentially begins and ends with Erika, although this relationship never happened in real life. Why do you think Sorkin added this to what was marketed as a “biopic”?
  2. What is the advantage, as a writer, to pairing a normal douchebag kind of character with a really really terrible guy? For instance, Mark is obtuse, self-centered, and a misogynist, but Sean Parker is: a drug addict, a sexual assaulter, presumably into under-age girls, suffers from psychological issues such as paranoia and narcissism, etc. What effect does this character have on our perception of Mark?
  3. Loner is obsessed with being a literary text. It basically couldn’t exist without some of the intertextual references it contains. Name 3 texts referenced in the novel and explain their thematic value. What is the #1 book that it references every time David starts writing in terrible purple, super-precocious prose?
  4. IMO, The Social Network is the best movie of the century. Research the director, screenwriter, and music guy (score guy?) and name 2 other things they’re involved in. They’re all geniuses, and I don’t toss that word around.
  5. According to Sorkin’s screenplay, why did Mark invent Facebook? Hint: NOT to make money. Two options here….
  6. Why is it important that You is set in a bookstore? Like Loner, it’s about reading, it’s about pretending to be other people….try to finish that thought I can’t:)
  7. Grade David, Joe, and Mark from worst to not-worst as Toxic Masculinity people. Explain why.
  8. Once FB was launched and became popular, Eduardo and Mark conducted a sustained argument about whether they should start doing what with the website?
  9. Describe the point/thesis of Veronica’s paper/”study” on David and what her professor thought of it.
  10. Explain why nobody uses FB anymore but the stock is still through the roof. Hint: does FB own other companies?
  11. Type “surveillance capitalism” into and give me a brief sentence on what it denotes. Then describe what a search engine like DuckDuckGo is doing that’s in opposition to surveillance capitalism?
  12. Name 3 male characters in You that are very bad men. I think they are all introduced in the first episode you should have watched. Why is that show SURROUNDING Joe with nobody but terrible people, especially terrible male people?
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