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any topic according to the instructions


  1. Read What is Style What is Style – Alternative Formats
  2. Review/Read the excerpt on From Mud to Music as a starting point. You are not expected to purchase the book.…
  3. Conduct further online research to identify artists and forms that may be of musical interest for you. A ceramic artist/form is ideal however not an absolute requirement. You will need a minimum of two references in addition to the book link provided.
  4. Read Essay Grading Pyramid Essay Grading Pyramid – Alternative Formats
  5. Type a 650-700 word essay (equivalent to 3 pages double spaced) summarizing your research: Discuss the style of instrument(s), history/cultural location of chosen forms, a description of how the form and instrument is made, and a piece of music that you would like to see it used for. Explain your music choice and why. Read Instruction Considerations for more detail.
  6. MLA or APA format is required for citations and do not forget to also cite the Mud to Music link.
  7. Submit essay to Distance Learning Assignment #1

Instruction Considerations:

  • This is a descriptive research paper
  • Where did these forms originate and why?
  • How have the instruments changed over time?
  • What was your favorite form and instrument?
  • Compare with other styles of instruments, what makes your choice different?
  • In the paper, write something about the following:

Formal – The elements of design (line, shape, color, texture, value, time, space) and The principles of organization (harmony, rhythm, variety, decoration, repetition, pattern, balance, proportion, movement)

Technical – Aspects such as: finishing techniques, materials, firing techniques, construction techniques, clay body, glaze, etc.

Historical– Address the historical context of the ceramic instruments, or historical cultures that have been influenced by or that created them

Conceptual– Address ideas that you see in the music and instrument form.

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