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apa style question 9

Intro to Healthcare Management

Part 1

Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs

Watch the interprofessional videos by clicking the IPE Content link in the main menu. Once you have viewed all six videos and the thought questions document, answer the following:

6 Departments are as Follows:

Dental Hygiene


Occupational Therapy


Physical Therapy

Public Health

( I have attached the questions document so that watching the videos is not needed)

  1. Select two departments you foresee yourself interacting with in the role of a health administrator.
  2. Explain why you selected these departments. Explain the importance of learning to collaborate with other professionals. Do you think interprofessional collaboration affects patient outcomes? Why or why not?

Part 2

Assignment: Hospital Compliance: The Quality Issue

Objective: To understand policies and procedures and the far-reaching consequences when they are not adhered to

Read the case study from pp. 560–562 of your text:
Madison Community Hospital Addresses Infection Prevention (attached)

  • What are some of the issues associated with caregivers sanitizing their hands? Why do you suppose only 40 percent of caregivers sanitize their hands? What other department personnel, besides nursing, may need to enter a patient’s room during his/her stay?
  • Who should be on this task force to represent which hospital functions and why? To whom should the task force report its results and why?
  • How would the problem look different if it turned out only a handful of personnel were noncompliant? How would this affect the improvement process?

Compose a one- to two-page paper that includes your answers to the questions above.

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