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Assignment Details

Assignment Details – This is a 5 part deliverable


Your facility has 2000 cases in the following payer mix:

  • 40% commercial insurances
  • 25% Medicare insurance
  • 15% Medicaid insurance
  • 15% liability insurance
  • 5% all others, including self-pay

What are the proportions of the total cases for each payer?


The average Medicare rate for each case is $6,200. Use this as the baseline. Commercial insurances average 110% of Medicare, Medicaid averages 65% of Medicare., Lliability insurers average 200% of Medicare, and the others average 100% of Medicare rates.

  1. Calculate the individual reimbursement rates for all 5 payers?
  2. What is your expected Accounts Receivable?


Which of the following costs are fixed, which are variable, and which are direct or indirect:

  • Materials/supplies (gowns, drapes, bedsheets)
  • Wages (nurses, technicians)
  • Utility, building, usage exp (lights, heat, technology)
  • Medications
  • Licensing of facility
  • Per diem staff
  • Insurances (malpractice, business, and so on)


Given the following costs per case:

  • Materials/supplies: $2,270
  • Wages: $2,000
  • Utility, building, usage exp: $1,125
  • Insurances (malpractice, business, and so on): $175

What is the total cost of all combined cases?


Calculate the difference between accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P)

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