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Argumentative paper

6 pages

1. this is an argumentative paper, which means we have to right clear thesis and strong supporting ideas. i also attached the full requirement for you.

2. this is not an research paper so you don’t need to do research to write in the essay. you only need to read the articles i attached to you.

3. these articles are from a book called “

Infinite Reality: Avatars, Eternal Life, New Worlds, and the Dawn of the Virtual Revolution” by Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson. I attached part of the book which i think are important for writing the essay. You can get some ideas from these readings, and if you need more information  from the book you can always ask me for it. 

4. moreover, i chose the topic 2. 

Option 2. “More Human than Human.” That is the title of the final chapter of Infinite Reality. Similarly, Turkle

tells us that some owners of “robot pets” say that their robot is “better than” a real, live pet (more like a dog than an actual dog?). As we have seen, some maintain that simulations can be equally, if not more “real” than the

objective, shared, physical thing or event. But Sherry Turkle, Wolfgang Sachs, and sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick

caution us about collapsing the distinction between the real and the virtual, or between the actual and the

simulated. What do you think? Is the distinction between real-virtual simply an old-fashioned prejudice? Is

there something to be said for authenticity, or originary experience? It has long been believed that “reality” is

external and objective; it existed before me and will exist after me; it “pushes back,” fixing limits to my will and

action. But one of the promises of strong versions of virtual reality is that we need not accept limitation: indeed,

technological progress promises unlimited possibility. Do you think this is right? Do you think it is a worthy

goal to pursue?

These questions must be answered in the essay as. 

5. most importantly, be sure not to write and summary. 

1250-1500 words.

due Sunday.

thank you. 

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