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Article Summary

Article Summary

Name: ___________________________________________       Date   ________________________

Article Name:  Globalization with a Human Face________________________   Number:  6______

(1)  Briefly state the main idea of this article:

(2)  List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea:

(3)  What information or ideas in this article are also discussed in the text or other readings you have done.  Briefly discuss what you have learned from these articles and how they contribute to your understanding of the assigned article. (You must include two additional sources, excluding any articles from the text):

(4)  List any examples of bias or faulty reasoning that you think exists in the article.  (Faulty reasoning or bias may be that the author did not use a variety of sources to compile the argument, they did not base the argument on current or applied theories, or the author did not provide relevant support for their work and it is based on opinion):

(5)  List any new terms/concepts that were discussed in the article and write a short definition:

(6)  Related questions for the article:

A. As cited in “Globalization with a Human Face,” what observations have been made about Jagdish Bhagwati’s party preferences in American politics?

B. As quoted in “Globalization with a Human Face,” what does Jagdish Bhagwati have to say about the position of protectionists 60 years ago?

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