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assignment 5 strategic communication

Directions: You are to write a letter or an email to a group or a particular individual discussing some aspect dealing with the Coronavirus.

  • Your letter or email can be written to an international, national, local, or in your immediate community person, group, or entity. Think carefully about what you want to communicate to them, who you address in your communication is your choice. You can write to a government official, FIU students, young adults, parents, pet owners, your condo association board, grieving families, etc. You can write your letter or email to them as a concerned citizen or as a member of a particular organization or group. It can even be to the people in your neighborhood or apartment complex. Note: This is NOT just a friendly letter or a rant about something, it should have a focus and a purpose
  • Your letter or email MUST contain:
    1. A focus and a purpose.
      • What do you want them to know? Why is it important for them to know this information? What do you want them to do with this information?
    2. Some data (facts, figures, surveys, etc.). Do not include graphs or images. Make sure you attribute your website information/quotes correctly (check AP Stylebook for specifics).
    3. Indirect and direct quotes. (DO NOT interview anyone who you have not been quarantined with). You can get quotes from social media (Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, etc. You can interview family members or friends via phone or instant messenger, Zoom (a free service to everyone), Skype, FaceTime, E-mail, etc.
    4. Check page 203 of your textbook (Section 11.6) for an example of what your letter should look like. Follow these guidelines discussed in your text:
      • Don’t be Obsequious
      • Don’t be Overly Complimentary
      • Don’t Try to be Too Funny
      • Don’t refer to personal characteristics, habits, or feelings of the reader
      • Use personal pronouns
      • Avoid Impersonal constructions
      • Avoid the Passive Voice
      • Avoid Using Technical Language
      • Avoid Wordiness
  • Your letter or email should follow the correct format.
    1. It should contain complete contact information for the receiver.
    2. A complete signature (name and title or affiliation) and contact information for you, the sender.
    3. Be single-spaced, 12 pts. Time Roman and fit on ONE page!
    4. Must follow grammar and AP Style.
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