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Assignment 5

Assignment 5(Demonstration and Communication of Algorithm use):

During Week 5, you will extend the machine learning proposal to include an executive summary. Additionally, you will create a summary presentation of 8–10 content slides that communicate the role of machine learning to a nontechnical audience.

The project deliverables for Week 5 include the following:

  • 1-page executive summary of the machine learning proposal. Your total machine learning proposal should be 13–16 pages long.
  • Summary presentation
    • Include 8–10 content slides in addition to the title and reference slide
    • Summarize the course topics within the 8–10 content slides for the specific proposal researched; the slides should include the following:
      • Unsupervised, supervised, and reinforced machine learning algorithms
      • Understanding the role of algorithms in data visualization
      • Algorithms for streaming data
      • Algorithms for practical use
      • Demonstration and communication of algorithm use
    • The presentation should include details that are pertinent to a nontechnical audience.
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