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Assignment2: Instructions

Assignment2: Instructions

1.Your groupYour group will be the same as in Assignment 1. You have to discuss with the course convenor if you want to change your group. Important: Similar to assignment 1, each group will be required to allocate the percentages of contributions for each of its members. In the case that the percentages of contribution are unequal, individual marks will be adjusted accordingly.

2. SelectingprojectsThe group assignment requires you to compare the project management practices of two real-world projects.In selecting the projects, you can either:•Select the projects from the list provided by the convenor on L@G; OR•Find any projects of your interest(they must be real-life projects and relevant to your fields of study). These projects need to be approved by the convenor.3. Projectscomparative analysis You are required to conduct a comparative analysis betweenthe two projects you have selected.The analysis will be based on 4 project management practices:•Project selection•Project delivery system•Project planning•Project control The analysis should link well with the theories/concepts covered in this course. Conduct additional research if you feel necessary.For each of the above practices, your analysis should:a)Identify and elaborate on the similarities and/or differences between the practices used in the selected projects. For example:•Project selection: look at the types of model usedin theselection of each project–did they usesimilar/different models? What are they?•Project delivery system: look at the project delivery systemsand contract terms of paymentused in the procurement of each project•Project planning: look at the tools/techniques used in planning of each project•Project control: look at the tools/techniques used in the control of each projectb)Evaluate and discuss how well the projects performed in each of the 4 project management practices. For example: 2•Project selection–look for evidence of appropriatemethod used to select each project•Project delivery system –look for evidence ofappropriate project delivery system/contract terms of payment•Project planning –look for evidence of effective project planning (project scheduling, appropriate risk management plan etc.)•Project control –look forevidence of effective project monitoring and control.Was the project delayed? Was there any appropriate control tool/measure used in the project?c)Identify the project that performs better across all the 4 project management practices. You may consider using a scoring technique to help determine the better project (i.e. multi-criteria scoring technique).4. Final report final report must be prepared based on the analysis and comparison of the selected projects as detailed in Section 3. The report should follow the structure set out below.1.Executive Summary(10%, 1 page)One page summary that:explains the aim of your assignment report; provides an overview of the projects you have analysed; and summarises the main findings as well as lessons learnt from your analysis.2.A summary of the selected projects(15%,1-2 pages)This section should provide a summary of both projects you selected.3.Project management similarities and differences(25%, 3-4 pages)In this section, you are required to Identify and elaborate on the similarities and/or differences between the selected projects based on the 4 project management practices as described in Section 3.4.Project management evaluation(35%, 3-4 pages)In this section, you are required to evaluate and discuss how well the projects performed based on each of the 4 project management practices. Also determine and discuss which project performs better across all 4 practices.5.Summary(5%, ½-1page)-Summarise key findings and lessons learnt from the above analysis.6.References–list all references cited in the body of the report (APA, Harvard or IEEE referencing styles accepted)7.Appendix(if any)–this section should only contain necessary information that supports the main contents of the assignment, but is not included in the main body of the report.3Please note that the remaining 10%of the final report mark will be assessed on the following criteria:•Quality of writing (clarity, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc .)•Formatting/layout consistency •Quality of diagrams/illustrations•Complete and correct referencing The main body of the report(Sections 1-4) should be no more than 10pages. General format of the report•Times New Roman 12 points•1.5 spacing•Left and right margins: 2.5 cm.•Top/Bottom margins: 2.5 cm.The final report must have: •A report cover page with course number and name, project title, group number and full details of group members with % of contributions•All sections and sub-sections clearly numbered•Page numbers due DATE(Extended):Friday30October (Week 13)Each group is required to indicate (in the cover page of the report)the percentage of contribution of all members.The contribution % must add up to 100%.SubmissionEach group is required to submit only one electronic copy of the assignment via Turnitin. The submission point will be available on L@G approximately one week prior to the assignment due date.Late submission An assessment item submitted after the due date, without an approved extension from the course convenor, will be penalised. The standard penalty is the reduction of the mark allocated to the assessment item by10% of the maximum mark applicable for the assessment item, for each day or part day that the item is late. Weekends count as one day in determining the penalty. Assessment items submitted more than five days after the due date are awarded zero marks

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