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backup and recovery procedures help achieve rto 1

1. How do documented backup and recovery procedures help achieve RTO

2. True or false: To achieve an RTO of 0, you need 100 percent redundant, hot-stand-by infrastructure (that is, IT systems, applications, data, and so on).

3. What is most important when considering data backups?

4. What is most important when considering data recovery?

5. What are the risks of using your external e-mail box as a backup and data storage solution?

6. Identify the total amount of time required to recover and install the Lab Assessment Worksheet(s) and to open the file(s) to verify integrity. (Calculate your timed RTO using your computer clock and your documented instructions.)

7. Did you achieve your RTO? What steps and procedures can you implement to help drive RTO even lower?

8. What are some recommendations for lowering the RTO for retrieval and access to the backup data file?

9. If you drive RTO lower, what must you do to streamline the procedure?

10. Why are documenting and testing critical to achieve a defined RTO?

11. Why is it a best practice for an organization to document its backup and recovery steps for disaster recovery?

12. What can you do to cut down on the recovery time for accessing, copying, and recovering your Lab Assessment Worksheets to achieve the RTO?

13. What will encryption of a disk or data in storage do to the RTO definition when attempting to retrieve and recover cleartext data for production use?

14. How many total steps did your backup and recovery procedures consist of for this lab exercise? Are there any that can be combined or streamlined?

15. If the individual accessing the system for disaster recovery purposes were not familiar with the IT system and required system administrator logon credentials, what additional step would be required in the recovery phase?


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