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book critique 3 4 pages paper for 4 chapters small chapters

please provide a 3-4 page (Typed, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, Double-spaced) critique including your opinion in the conclusion section.

these are questions to guide your paper and could be included in the paper:-

  • Do you think that translanguaging stops students from fully learning a language?

2.What could be some of the pros and cons of a student growing up in translanguaging environment?

3. How do you think that translanguaging strengthens a student’s ability to learn a language or communicate ideas?

4.Is there any instance in your life where you feel you have benefited from being in a translanguaging environment?

5.What was the purpose of having the kids play games?

6. Why did the researchers have preconceived notions of how B-Club kids interacted with one another, even though, when some spoke other languages besides Spanish and English?

7. What influence did the border or border crossing by some kids have on the kinds of interaction with other kids and staff?

And please type a separate paragraph ( short paragraph) answering this question :-

– Why are games important to B-Club members? Explain.

Why are games important to B-Club members? Explain.

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