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Bus 755: IT Management in Healthcare Organizations


The purpose of this forum is to apply and practice the concepts from the assigned readings in Module 1.

  1. Select 5 major aspects or concepts covered in the text(s) for your area of research focus for this course.
  2. Write a 600–750-word description of the concepts, the significance of the concepts to practice in general, and what kinds of organizational issues/problems might be resolved through successful implementation of the concepts.
  3. Cite sources, including the course texts and scholarly sources, and include a reference list in current APA format.
  4. You may use other resources, if needed


Gilbert, C., De Winne, S., & Sels, L. (2015). Strong HRM processes and line managers’ effective HRM implementation: A balanced view.Human Resource Management Journal, 25(4), 600-616. doi:10.1111/1748-8583.12088

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