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business assignment 113

2 submission. One for week 5 and another for week 7. Week 5 submission it will be used for week 7.

Week 5-

Instructions: Read first the instructions for the Week 7 Assignment, which is your Research Paper for this course. This Week 5 Assignment is an outline preparatory for the paper.

DOWNLOAD & SAVE: Attached to this Assignment is a WORD Document that is your homework paper for this Assignment. Download and save this document and complete it by answering the questions on the document. Do not create another document. This is the paper you are to use. Follow the instructions and questions on the document. Fully complete all questions. When you have completed this, save it and SUBMIT it to this Assignment box as a WORD document. Please name it by using your name and Assignment name. Example: JonesWk5Outline.docx.

Week 7

Essay topic: Reflecting on the concepts in the course, select and research one (1) of the company situations listed below and discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding it. At least one citation for each company is provided to get you started and you may use this citation as one of your sources. It is expected you will use the course required readings plus your own independent research in support of this paper.

Your essay should include the following, organized in your paper using APA headings with logical and smooth transitions.

1) A well-formulated introduction that

  • identifies the company,
  • states the company’s ethical dilemma presented in the facts, and
  • states a thesis statement for the paper that provides the reader a well-conceived approach or practical perspective on the problem presented by the company’s situation. This will demonstrate more than one academic topic is covered.

2) Discuss how the philosophy of economist Milton Friedman’s shareholder or free market ethics may have influenced the leadership of the company; include the concept of corporate social responsibility.

3) Identify and define another ethical framework that the company leadership could have utilized in this situation and explain how this ethical framework would have led to a different result. Explain specifically how the company effectively would have employed this framework.

4) Identify and apply three general legal topics that are discussed in the required readings this term. Do NOT use ethics or the company’s main legal issue. These are to be additional legal issues. For example if you chose Ford, that is a consumer and product liability problem so additional legal topics cannot be consumer and product liability topics or the ethical issues you are addressing. There are many other possibilities — employment, contract, bankruptcy, criminal law, fIP, etc. Fully define the principles you select and analyze their application to your chosen company’s business, issues and circumstances. Include in-text citations to the course materials, as failing to cite your sources will result loss of credit. NOTE: The required readings are listed in the Lessons section for each week under “Required Readings” plus any other sources that may have been assigned during the course.

In addition to the above, study the Rubric for this Assignment. The Rubric is attached to these Assignment instructions. Also provided for you is a Sample Paper Outline and APA Writing Tips PPT for formatting your paper and citations.


Length of paper: The exemplary level of the Rubric provides length at 1800-2300 words.

Sources: At least 7 credible sources should support your essay, including at least two new sources from the University library (in addition to the course materials.)

How to name your document in Word: Use your last name and the Assignment name in the saved document name of your paper in Word. Example: JonesWk7Paper.docx

Submit this essay as a Microsoft Word document attachment in this Assignment section of the class, no later than 11:59 pm ET Sunday of week seven. A sample outline is attached to help you organize your paper.

You must support your statements with materials from the Required Readings in the course, as well as the outside research. Cite your sources in APA format. An abstract is not needed and will not count in your word count. I have attached an APA Paper-Writing Tips (also in Resources). This is an APA Guidelines PPT on setting up your paper and formatting APA citations. Use this for your Paper title page especially. Another great source for APA formatting is Also there is the Purdue OWL online. All material must be appropriately cited with an APA in-text citation and a complete reference page listing.

UNORIGINAL CONTENT ALERT: Please use your Turn It In Report

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