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business overview 2

Student to select and research a profit or not-for-profit, existing organization.

Part A: Submit a report, in your own words, minimum 500 words and use appropriate heading for each section being addressed as follows:
-Outline the history of how the organization was formed.
-The mission of the company.
-Define the form of business ownership and describe how would decisions be made based on that form of ownership.
-Explain why you chose this company, which of their products is your favorite and why.
-Describe three unique and interesting facts people may not know about this company or their products.
-Detail a controversy the company had to address recently.
-Analyze and detail strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT element) of the organization (three for each SWOT element).
-For each of the three threats identified, provide a separate, specific recommendation on how the company can address them individually.
-Provide supporting information and include sources used as a reference.

Part B: Present to class a brief overview of your project via online Zoom session.
– Bring a sample product or a printout of the company logo to show to the online Zoom class session.
– If it is not presented in the class as scheduled (3 minutes), 5 points will be deducted.
-Students need to remain in the online Zoom class session during all presentations.

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