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BUSN 635 Forum 6

BUSN 635 Forum 6

300 WORDS 

1. What is the Operations section of a business plan and what’s it purpose?

2. What needs to happen before you have a product designed, tested, manufactured, and ready to sell to customers?

3. Once you have brought your product to market, what activities does your company need to engage in to ensure that your product remains competitive in the marketplace?

4. What is the Financials section of a business plan and what’s its purpose?

5. What are the first steps in creating the Financials section of a business plan?

6. What are some common mistakes to look out for when putting together the Financials section?

7. What are “Plug Numbers” and why are they significant?


Please elaborate and provide substantive support for your findings by citing credible sources (i.e. course text, articles, journals, etc.)

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