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case study on personnel


Week 9: Personnel

Good managers realize that any organization is as only good as its people and employees’ potential will likely reach no higher than their leaders’.

This week we consider two mini-case studies:

Case #1:

A person has applied to be a bouncer (which is a licensed security position) at a large nightclub. He placed nothing on his application disclosing a previous arrest. The detective in charge of licensing completes a record check and discovers that the applicant has been arrested for assault on his wife about three months ago. His wife received medical attention. He was in jail overnight, released the next morning and there was no conviction since the wife left town (and has not returned in fear of her husband).

The application comes to you as the security manager with the detective recommending not to approve the application given that applicant failed to disclose the arrest (although he was not convicted). The applicant is otherwise qualified.

For this discussion question, you are in charge of security at the nightclub. What should you do? Explain the factors supporting your decision.

Case #2

Your second question is to challenge you to think in terms of the subject matter you have studied and applying it to the unique security assignment to demonstrate that different assignments may require a different qualification in terms of character, training, pay and experience.

For this question, discuss from your perspective as the director of security, the kind of security personnel you would want to employ to work as security mid-level managers for the Olympics or similar large sporting event or political rally. Discuss the requirements for character, competence, commitment, compensation, and experience.

You should provide a description of the methods to recruit, select, train and supervise. Also, provide insightful comments about the unique qualifications needed for these kind of security personnel for such an event.

Keep in mind the kinds of threats that such an event would attract and the critical assets that must be protected.

Complete an original posting on each case study (at least 100 words per case study) and respond with a critical evaluation to at least one of your fellow learners on each of their case study original postings.

For your reference, you may also want to consider the attached pdf entitled, “Identifying High Potential Talent in the Workplace.”

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