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ce370 budget planning for staffing

Staffing is most likely the largest expense when operating an early childhood program. Once staffing is in place, you can account for the expense in the budget. Using “Table 7.1 Recommended adult-child ratios and maximum group sizes” in Chapter 7 of the reading, review the APHA/AAP and NAEYC standards for the maximum number of children per caregiver and maximum group size.

Please respond to the following:

  • How will the APHA/AAP standards influence the overall budget outcome in comparison to the NAEYC standards?
  • How do both standards compare to the licensing standards in your state?
  • Review the Felton Family Preschool Budget and provide two possible options for balancing this budget with regard to payroll expenses and staff benefits.

Have to be ONLY 250 words.

read chapter 7 and 8!/4/2/6/4/14/6/2/4@0:0

if you need to login to the online book the username is password: Sammy980#

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