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choose a current cultural or social issue about which you are curious and have a few good ideas

My Topic is: Esports should be considered a legitimate sport. Here is a little paragraph to show you were I stand and how i want to approach it:

Eports is an Industry that is rapidly growing and something that business people and regular spectators should look into. The crowd that eports draws is starting to outgrow certain big sporting events that draw huge revenues with one event or tournament. Esports professionals are continually growing and the online streams that they use to broadcast their games are growing, which also is providing money for the players and entertainment for the watchers. Esports is also teaching valuable team dynamics, which is teaching players that play team games communication, strategic planning, trust, and the importance of the aspect of team. With this being said, esports should definitely be considered a legitimate sport.

Write a 1000-1200 word research paper with 4 scholar-level sources that argues for a position and/or argues for a change in regard to the issue you choose.

Take care to
• stay focused on a specific argumentative thesis throughout the essay
• organize your argument logically
• write an appropriately formal research paper for an academic audience (attending to vocabulary, sentence combination, academic standards of evidence, analysis of evidence and so on)
• use appropriate lead-ins, paraphrasing, quoting rules, and in-text citations within the body of the essay and set up a Works cited Page with at least 4 scholar-level sources
• use a variety of different kinds of sources (books, magazines, journals, etc.)
• create a seamless progression or integration of methods as you decide: argue for a position and/or argue for change.
• balance your original thinking with synthesis of your sources
• be relatively free of grammar/mechanical problems, follow MLA style formatting and citation rules.

I have four sources. they have to be off ebsco. I will attach my sources, however, i am not too sure if it will work.

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