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cmn 567 gender race and class in the media 1

Formatting: PDF or MS Word doc, include page numbers, 12-pt Times New Roman, double-spaced

This reflection and analytical exercise is intended to be challenging.You should spend as much time preparing your answer as you do writing it by rereading materials, note-taking, and thinking through your analysis.Be sure to allow yourself adequate time to develop your thoughts—that will make the actual write-up easier to write and stronger as well.Your answer should be 4-5 pages.

Pick only one of the following commercials to analyze:

Snickers: #SnickersFixtheWorld – (Super Bowl LIV)

Lancôme, Idôle Eau de Parfum: I Can, We Will –

P&G Presents: When We Come Together – (Super Bowl LIV)

Kia, Telluride: Give it Everything – (Super Bowl LIII)

The aim of this assignment is to examine one of the commercials above and to expound on the ideologies present.In addition to defining ideology and examining the ideologies of your selection, you must also discuss the role of interpellation.For example, how do you believe interpellation is functioning in the commercial and constituting ideologies?Hegemony is another term that might be important to define and discuss in relation to ideology and interpellation (depending on your analysis and selection), but it is not a requirement.

In beginning your essay, you should describe the content of the commercial.There are many possible approaches, but one common approach is to employ the five key questions/core concepts developed by the Center for Media Literacy.You do not necessarily have to go through each question/concept one by one, but they can be useful in first beginning your analysis and in organizing it later.

HELPFUL HINT:As discussed in class, the Encyclopedia of Gender in Media entry for ideology describes it in relation to Althusser’s concept of interpellation.Interpellation is described in that entry and more thoroughly in the chapter by Smith, “Role models and stereotypes,” (Feb. 18th reading) as “when a person accepts that she/he is being addressed” (p. 90)—essentially you become a subject.It is through this process of acceptance or transformation as subject that ideology is enacted.

IMPORTANT: All sources, including our classroom reading materials, the commercial, must be properly cited (APA or MLA).Full bibliographic information for excerpted readings is available on myCourses under “Pages,” if not listed on the syllabus.Please see this link for a good explanation of citing advertisements:

IMPORTANT!!!!!!: While you discuss ideology, plz draw from any of our class sources on ideology and draw much more from Marxist ideology related to exploitation

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