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condition and correct muscle assignment

The next topic was to be muscles. I will do an online lecture while we workout to drill these names. For this week in leiu of class – and to give both you and me time to prepare for interactive portions of the course in this unusual learning situation…Here is a muscle assignment. See also Modules.

1. Muscle Lecture: Read the handout on Muscles. Muscle Lecture.pdf How they are named? What are their characteristics, how does a muscle contract? how can learn the actions? and… What are the types of contractions? See below for the youtubelink and write:

a. This is about the sliding filament theory: What are the names of the two proteins involved? Which one moves and which stays still?

b. What mineral must be present for a muscle to be able to contract?

b. Explain 2 additional new things you learned from the video (Links to an external site.)

Here is a picture summary of the steps: steps muscle contraction.jpg

2. Muscle list study guide – “general locations” , attachments, the joints they cross, and actions. What are the differences in specific location and thus actions for muscles that have the same general location? Print the Muscle list, MUSCLE_LIST4(1).pdf, fill it out and email it back (you can take photo and send that OR type into the word document MUSCLE_LIST4(1).doc OR type in your computer and just include each on the list. This list has mainly muscle groups but also some individual muscles important to your issues. Pick 20 of the 32 muscles listed starting with those related to the areas that effect your 3 specific goals.

3. Here are some resources: Here is the front and back in one file muscles front and back.pdf and here are pictures of muscles just showing one side of the body: Musclesfront.jpg, Musclesback.jpg

Muscle websites – Use these to help fill out the list: the focus is the actions related to the one or more joints. Complete muscle attachments it starts ___________ and goes to _______________ – “in general means” for instance something like the pubic bone to the cartilage of fixed ribs 5 on down (5-7 is more specific than needed) and bottom of sternum (xiphoid process is stated but some people, like myself, do not have a xiphoid process, and is more specific than necessary). (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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