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correctional policy

3 different assignments, must be a page long for each assignment. APA Format.

Assignment 8: Who is Sanford Bates? What were his major contributions to the field of corrections?
Write a one page paper outlining the accomplishments of Sanford Bates to the field of corrections. Please use Corrections today magazine or any other journal in the GSU database regarding Sanford Bates. Please use APA format.

Assignment 9 :What are some of the unique problems that female offenders face while incarcerated and upon release.
Write a one page paper detailing the stuggles female offenders face behind bars and upon release. Material can be found in Corrections Magazine of the GSU database.

Assignment 10: Explain the concept of “prisonization” as it pertains to male offenders. What can be done to lessen this phenomena?
Write a one page paper detailing this socialization process that effects inmates. Cite an article form Corrections Today or any other journals in the GSU database. EX. Longterm offenders released to society. How do they fair? Students should view Shawshank Redemption. APA format.

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