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cost of production spreadsheet


Output Total Variable Cost
0 $ 0
1 $ 50
2 $ 90
3 $120
4 $160
5 $220
6 $300
7 $400
8 $520
9 $670
10 $900

  1. Given the above variable cost data and assuming fixed costs equal the value of the last three digits of your MDC student ID, create a file using Excel that lists Output, Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Total Cost, Average Fixed Cost, Average Variable Cost, Average Total Cost, and Marginal Cost. The Excel table should be constructed using formulas wherever calculations are required. An example of the table for guidance is presented on page 254 of your textbook. The formulas required are summarized on page 262.
  2. Using Excel, plot FC, VC, and TC in Graph A and AFC, AVC, ATC, and MC in Graph B.
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