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County Halfway House for Battered Women

Case Study:

As a human services professional, you are obligated to respect the right of self-determination, and the principles of confidentiality and maintaining boundaries.

Consider the following case study: a client in the county halfway house for battered women had been seriously injured on three occasions as a result of confrontations with her husband. She was placed in the halfway house by court order and the husband was required to remain separated from his wife.

The supervisor was informed that the service provider working with the client had been asked repeatedly by the client to allow her husband to visit with her, since she “just knew she can make up and they will be okay.” The service provider was unsure and turned to a counselor for advice about what to do. The counselor said she felt compassion for the client and believed that she was ready to begin “working things out with her husband.”

Still unsure, the service provider decided to turn to the supervisor for guidance. The halfway house has an ethics code that emphasizes self-determination and confidentiality for the protection of the clients. The county laws strictly follow the court decisions. 

Suppose you are the supervisor responsible for directing both the service provider and the counselor. Taking into account the halfway house ethics code, National Organization of Human Services’ “Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals,” and the county law, how will you decide? What is your decision in providing direction and guidance to the service provider? What is your responsibility toward the counselor?

It may be helpful to refer to the Organizational Ethics Concerning Mental Health media presentation in the Resources as you complete this discussion.

Your initial post must:

  • Be at least 250 words in length.
  • Contain a minimum of two references with citations in APA style.
  • Follow APA style guidelines.
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