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data collection organizing and summarizing numerically data probability

I will have the exact questions I need answer on Saturday 28, 2020 at 8AM PST. Therefore, I will upload those by 8AM. The assignment will cover Statistics problems such as Data Colledtion, Organizing and Summarizing Data, Summarizing Numerically Data and Probability.

I need this assignment completed by 10AM PST on Saturday 28, 2020. I will provide both a microsoft word file version and a pdf file version. For the answers you may either 1) Type out your answers in the Microsoft Word file version, save your work in the file, and then send it to me with your answers or 2) write out your answers by hand on either scratch paper or the paper printed out itself, take pics of the pages used for your solutions, and send them as a complete pdf file (all pages in one file) to me.

You may use a TI 83 or 84 calcualtor or any scientific calculator. You may also use your Formula Card Packet which I have attached. You must show all necesary work. If you use a calculator function to do a large calculation that is not immediate or obvious, you must justify your answer and write what calculator function you used (if you used one, rather than computing something by hand).

Any question please let me know ahead of time as this assignment will be time sensitive with a 2 hours due.

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