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Deliverable 1 – Costa's Customs Digital Impact Presentation


Evaluate the role digital marketing plays in overall marketing strategy.

Scenario Information

Your small marketing consulting firm was recently hired by Costa’s Customs. Costa’s Customs is a clothing retail company considering a complete rebranding, as their current reputation is dated and no longer appealing to desired market segments. In the past, Costa’s Customs experimented with digital marketing initiatives but the campaign had been poorly thought out and poorly implemented. The previous campaign had very little engagement and was a failure that turned management off from online marketing channels completely. Costa’s Customs’ current marketing strategy ignores all forms of digital marketing. They’ve come to your company for advice and recommendations for improving their marketing efforts. Your administrator has put together some preliminary research on Costa’s Customs’ background for you to look over. Click on the link below and read through it in order to familiarize yourself with the business.

Costa’s Customs’ Company Profile


You realize that Costa’s Customs’ current strategy of ignoring digital marketing is a huge disadvantage in today’s business environment and set your sights on convincing management to shift their marketing budget towards digital channels. Your first meeting with the higher ups is coming up, and you feel that this would be the perfect opportunity to give a presentation making the case for a strategy shift to digital marketing channels.

The presentation should contain a detailed notes section for Costa’s Customs’ management, tailor your choices to Costa’s Customs’ needs/situation, and complete the following below:

  • Detail potential benefits of digital marketing and why it’s a good fit for Costa’s Customs’ brand.
    • Support your opinion with observations from the company profile.
    • Two slides minimum.
  • Select two digital marketing channels that you think best fit the case company and detail their potential impact.
    • Provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each channel choice.
    • Support each channel choice with observations from the company profile.
    • Two slides minimum.
  • Provide initial thoughts on possible ways to implement content marketing within each of your two chosen channels.
    • Address how Costa’s Customs could use each channel to implement content marketing.
    • Highlight how content marketing could be used to connect the two channels to each other.
    • Two slides minimum.
  • Select a digital communication model that you think best fits Costa’s Customs’ needs and your channel choices.
    • Provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this model and explain how it fits with both channel choices.
    • One slide minimum.
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