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DGI Data governance framework

 Chapter 10

we  continue to enhance our knowledge and understanding about IG best  business practices, and how good data governance can ensure that  downstream negative effects of poor data can be avoided and subsequent  reports, analyses, and conclusions based on reliable, and trusted data  could be achieved.  From the risk management perspective, data  governance is a critical activity that supports decision makers and can  mean the difference between retaining a customer and losing one.  On the  same token, protecting your business data is protecting the lifeblood  of your business, and improving the quality of the data will improve  decision making, foster compliance efforts, and yield competitive  advantages; thence business profits would be earned.  To provide  meaningful support to business owners, the Data Governance Institute has  created a data governance framework, a visual model to help guide  planning efforts and a logical structure for classifying, organizing,  and communicating complex activities involved in making decisions about  and taking action on enterprise data. 

Q1:  With this framework in mind that allows for a conceptual look at data  governance processes, rules, and people requirements identify and name  the 10 levels of the DGI Data Governance framework from the Data  Governance Institute?

Chapter 11 – According  to the authors, privacy and security go hand in hand; and hence,  privacy cannot be protected without implementing proper security  controls and technologies. Today, organizations must make not only  reasonable efforts to offer protection of privacy of data, but also must  go much further as privacy breaches are damaging to its customers,  reputation, and potentially could put the company out of business.  As  we continue learning from our various professional areas of practice,  its no doubt that breaches have become an increasing concern to many  businesses and their future operations.  Taking Cyberattacks  proliferation of 2011 into context, security experts at Intel/McAfee  discovered huge series of cyberattacks on the networks of 72  organizations globally, including the United Nations, governments and  corporations.

Q2:  From this research revelation in our chapter 11, briefly state and name  the countries and organizations identified as the targeted victims?

Note: Please make sure to write 200-300 words for each question in APA format with in text citation.

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