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discussion 4 strategic communication job hunt

Review the videos :

What does it take to become a strategic communication professional? What are some of the major skills? Why are these skills important? What are some additional personal, interpersonal, and practical skills do the strategic communications professional need to be successful?

For this discussion post, you must find and post an advertisement for a job the involves strategic communication. Do a search on any job site to find this job and post the link to the job.

Discuss what skills needed for the job and why these skills are important for this particular job. What other skills are needed for this job that may not be posted? Is this a job that you would consider applying for? why or why not?

Note: It is imperative that you provide the link to the job in your discussion post. If you do not provide the link, you will lose points!

Remember to follow the directions for Discussion Posts outlined in your syllabus.

200 words for the descation and i need one replay 100 words for this discaution :

Hi everyone,

Job Listing Link: (Links to an external site.)

I selected for this discussion a job offered by Girls’ Choir Miami for a Program Coordinator. The role involves strategic communication and strategic plan the activities and operation of the company, as essential skills needed. Another knowledge skill required for this job is good verbal, written, public speaking, strong leadership, and networking. From the videos, excellent communication is the key to success in public relations or strategic communication professions. Also, it is essential to have institutional knowledge, and this job requires an Associate’s degree in marketing, arts, or related fields and know about non-profit operations. For this job, these skills are important because the company seeks to develop a partnership to provide financially and achieve positive outcomes. They also want someone with the ability to recruit and motivate their participants and volunteers. For some other skills needed that are not post, it is important to be energetic, initiative, and dominate excellent orally and writing communication skills to be able to teamwork. I would consider applying for this job because I have experience in the arts field and have completed my Associate’s Degree in Arts. This job might be challenging in terms of public speaking. In my case, I believe I am good at talking to others. I am just not used to public speaking often enough. I would have to practice professional speaking in public, but I can see myself learning through the process is that’s an option.

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