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Discussion and Response

Discussion and Response:

Discussion is 250 word

Examine your organization and leadership through the following questions: An Army organization

1. What is vision in your work environment and how does one foster a shared vision in this kind of environment?
2. What signals (verbal and non verbal) do individuals send to leaders to communicate that they are inspired?
3. What metaphors/visual pictures are seen in your organization to communicate a shared vision? For example, some organizations use sports metaphors such as we are a team and others use family metaphors as we are one big happy family.
4. What do you think your/your leader’s strengths are at creating clarity as a collaborative leader?  Areas of improvement?
5. What recommendations/changes would you make based on your evaluation of your organization to Inspire a Shared Vision?
Your initial post should demonstrate and integration of readings and lessons. 200 words

Response #1 will be 100 words

Working for both Coca-Cola Florida Beverages full time, and being in the United States Army Reserves drilling one weekend of the month and two weeks out of the summer I find my leadership to compare and contrast a little. For instance with Coca-Cola, I am usually by myself and am expected to do the right thing with minimum to zero guidance. It is very similar in the military, you are given guidance and are expected to execute accordingly. Also as far as signals that individuals may give you Coca-Cola, and the military are similar. Leaders will first, verbally let you know “Good job” or “You can do better”, and if you do not correct the deficiencies it will lead to being written up or a counseling for military purposes. 

Another similarity Coca-Cola and the military has are motivational posters around the workplace. The military more than Coca-Cola will have motivational posters along the halls of every building that will illustrate the standard that the military expects from you. Coca-Cola on the other hand will be more family orientated, maybe even some pictures taken of the team to remind everyone in the company that it takes a team to finish the main goal. 

I think leaders in the military must learn their leadership style along with the learning style of their Soldiers early in their careers. This will lead to an efficient team. I think it is similar in at Coca-Cola or any corporation at that; however, I think it is more crucial in the military, because you may be dealing with life and death situations. 

My recommendation to Coca-Cola would be to understand that some, like myself, are in the military as well as full time employees, and have an understanding on why we may do some stuff a certain way. I would also recommend to the military that leadership courses such as Basic Leader Course and Advanced Leadership Course are essential when it comes to training the future leaders of the Army. I wish they had more seats for individuals, because I have experienced not making the cut and I imagine a lot of individuals get out of the Army or other branches due to this lack of progression.

Response #2 will be 100 words

It’s important for any every organization of have a vision. Having a vision gives employees that needed focus and goals to work towards (Gearhart, 2003). Where I work at the visions is, “to serve as the premier agency enhancing the Nation’s safety, security, and prosperity though collaboration, innovation, and integration” (About CBP).  This is the main vision, but departments may have an additional vision. I believe this vision is fostered by communication. We have briefings/meetings often that remind us of our vision. We are all encouraged to come with ideas for new processes. This is a great tool because everyone feels empowered to contribute. 

Throughout the Field Office and the Ports one can see posters or pictures that depict how we are a team. We are one collective team working towards our vision. Some stay the same, but throughout the year you will see different ones posted. Teamwork is a term that you will throughout also. Our leaders are all for everyone helping each other out whenever possible. 

Transformational leadership is what comes to mind when I think of myself and our leadership. They do a god job a getting us to buy in to our vision.  We are reminded frequently in how what we do contributes to the overall vision and mission.  There are also for networking with other field offices, to share ideas. I can’t comment on any areas of improvement at this time, because I have only been in this current position for a few months. From what I can see now they are committed to ensure employees are focused and motivated to ensure that our organization meets our goal while keeping our vision deep at heart.

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