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discussion how to turn a group of strangers into a team

Watch the following TEDtalk: Amy Edmondson: How to turn a group of strangers into a team (Links to an external site.)

After watching the video above, 1. answer the two questions below s) 2. link to a relevant video, article, blog, etc.

You are required to cite your textbook with in-text citations in APA Style to support your answers.

  • In your textbook, Dr. Schwartzman explains that one advantage of a group is that they “take on more complex projects than individuals can address alone” (p. 474). In her talk, Dr. Edmundson describes a number of complex projects that can only be addressed by people working together. But, what are some of the challenges of this type of group work that she describes?
  • Think about some of your own instance of what Dr. Edmundson describes as “teaming,” such as having to work in a small group with classmates you don’t know very well. Outline the three group member roles (one task role, one social role, and one self-serving role) that described you best in that instance and explain why you chose each role.
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