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discussion paper 57

The discussion paper must be at least three pages in length (double-spaced, 12-inch Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins). I expect the paper to be at least that length. Do NOT write less than this or use bigger margins or fonts.

I also want to emphasize this is NOT a research paper. You should not use any outside resources or attempt to do research to write this paper. Simply read the assigned readings, reflect on the questions below, and write a paper that responds to those questions.

For this assignment, please read the two files I uploaded.

The discussion paper should respond to each of the issues/questions below:
We have recently considered the question of whether it is ethically permissible to be deceptive in business, or whether there is an ethical obligation to be honest/truthful. Holley discusses the ethical issue of deception and truthfulness in a particular area of business: Sales. He argues that a seller has some degree of obligation to disclose information and tell the truth to a buyer. However, the question is what degree of information disclosure/honesty is required? Holley presents five different degrees or levels of requirement, ranging from a low/undemanding requirement, all the way up to high/very demanding requirement.
1) Briefly explain which level of requirement Holley endorses.
2) Do you agree or disagree with Holley? Why or why not?
3) If you do not agree with Holley, which alternative level of requirement would you endorse and why?
4) What would the requirement that Holley endorses say about the World Camera case? Did the sales person do anything ethically wrong? Why or why not?
5) If you endorsed a different level of requirement than Holley, what would the requirement that you endorse say about the World Camera case? Did the sales person do anything ethically wrong? Why or why not?

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