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discussion performing projects

Discussion – Performing Projects

Here, please post a discussion regarding anything relevant to this topic! If you have examples from real life, please share! If you were confused about a topic, ask the class! If you have a reaction to a particular method, vent here! Do NOT just summarize the information in the module. Add on to the information that was presented with: your opinions, an example from a business you know, a business you own, or a job you’ve had in the past.

Discussion Requirement:

The requirement is to respond to the initial Discussion Question

Write at least 200 words. You will not be able to see your classmates’ responses until you post your own. After that, you can feel free to respond to three classmate’s posts.

Please use APA (Links to an external site.) citations for any information you have retrieved from other sources.

Refer to the Discussion Grading Rubric by selecting the More button (three vertical dots), in the upper right corner and push Show Rubric button.

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