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Discussion Unit 5

This is the discussion question; For this discussion, you will design your own token economy system. Be sure to clearly describe the following components: (a) the tokens you will use; (b) the target behaviors and rules for successful task completion; (c) how you will make your system-specific or individualized; (d) your menu of backup reinforcers; (e) a ratio of exchange; (f) procedures to dispense and exchange tokens; (g) procedures to follow when token requirements are not met (e.g. – response cost); (h) ethical, legal, individual, practical, and social validity considerations.

In this discussion, you are being asked to describe your design for a token economy.  The instructions spell out the components that are required and I will review them in the seminar.  Please make sure your post covers every element.  It will be important to consider for whom you are designing the token system and in what setting it will be used so that you can describe issues associated with implementation.  This post will provide a jump-start for your unit 6 assignment that also requires you to develop a token economy.  Please pay attention to the feedback you receive since it may be relevant to the bigger assignment.  This site may be helpful as you design your token system:

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