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E-Commerce Discussion

I need a minimum of 200 word response for each Question. And make sure you leave another 100 words response on why your answer was appropriate for this question. 

1. Most of us have heard of or have experienced using Amazon ( to purchase goods or services. What do you think Amazon’s customer value propositions are, and why? 

2. Most of us use our smartphones to access the Internet, take calls, text, and shop, among other activities. Why are smartphones sometimes considered to be a disruptive technology? Use an example to support your answer.

3. At some point, most of us have made a purchase online using our mobile device. Why do you think a mobile website or app from the same merchant needs different content or functionality from its main e-commerce website? 

4. Given the vastness of the Internet, e-commerce sites are breached daily, yet many choose not to report it. What are some of the steps a company can take to curtail cyber-criminal activity from within a business?

5. Do you agree with the practice of online marketers to use databases, data warehouses, data mining, and profiling technologies to identify exactly who the online customer is and what he or she wants? Why, or why not?

6. Do you believe that online retailers do enough to protect the privacy of their customers? Why, or why not?

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