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edit this memo from the feedback attached

You need to try changing the date format and also making sure that spacing is appropriate between paragraphs and sections. Aside from that, some minor grammatical errors that probably occurred only because you failed to proofread your text, need to be fixed. Once you have done that, you will also have to pay more attention to some minor tautology issues. Try mentioning new facts instead of restating what the readers already found from your work. Also, you might consider using the synonyms instead of repeatedly mentioning USF students. As for your structure, there are no major issues.

For the content, make sure you describe when (timespan) and how (method) your friends were surveyed. Please provide more details about the conditions in which your experiment was held and whether you presented the questions orally or in writing (typed version). You might also want to add a sentence or two addressing whether this convenience sample of friends is representative, or to what degree it represents USF students. Include the information about their gender, biological age, and other essential details to prove that your sample is representative (or not). You could also state how spontaneous this research was and what prompted you to initiate it, especially if it was not directly intended for your research project at first.

You can make up things to help you edits the memo

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