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English 101

Here are 3 SK and 8 DB for the portfolio of my English 101. 

1) A portfolio is a selection of material that is used as evidence to present an argument.

2) The Eng 101 portfolio is one paper (ca. 10-12pp)  with two sections: i) a 900-1,000 word critical essay that presents a context, poses a thesis, and uses parenthetical citation of the sample list as evidence for the argument; ii) a numbered sample list of 12 artefacts (Dbs & Sks) that includes the artefact as a 250-word sample.‍

3) what you need to do is to write the critical essay, about 900-1000 words. the critical is about what you learn from the English 101. Here is my first draft of the essay. But I want you to rewrite it. 

4) the argument for the critical essay is English 101 is not just the course to improved my English in the ability and skills of speaking and writing, moreover, it’s about thinking in English.‍

5) You should use the 3 SK and 8 DB that I give you as the material to write the essay. those SK and DB should be mention in the essay. Base on the argument that I want you to write (think in english) , I think the Sk 1, Sk 2, and the DB 1~4 are the most important. You could read about my first draft.

the essay includes the following:

1) Title

2) Introduction: contextualization, textualization, theorization, categorization

3) 3 Body Paragraphs

a. Topic Constructions

b. Citational Evidence

4) Conclusion

a) Restatement

b) Resolution

5) Proofread for Format / Organization / Style

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