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Environmental Scan

 You will perform an environmental scan for your target company. 

Evaluate the company’s external environment by conducting an environmental scan that will consist of the following:

  1. Assessment of the company’s general environment.
  2. Evaluation of the organization’s industry environment.
  3. The company’s competitor environment assessment i.e. an analysis of the firm’s competitors’ general and industry environments (please provide details for at least 2 competitors).
  • The three tables in the attached ‘Week 2 Assignments Frameworks’ document provide the frameworks to be used for conducting your selected company’s external environmental scan. 


-U don’t need to do the whole essay

-I just need answers IN SINGLE LINES OR PARAGRAPHS using the attached template

-Just the solutions to those questions above including

-My target company  is A.O. Smith Corporation. If u look up A.O smith Corp u will find all their info online

-But once again, u dont need to write it out as an essay, Just use the attached Week 2 Assignments Frameworks

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