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forum 2 competing values

MUST BE AT LEAST 350 words.

As you learned last week, a dilemma is a difficult decision – a choice that is difficult because no matter your decision, things may not always work out for all involved. What creates this difficulty is the tension between competing values. In social work, dilemmas occur when one or more of the core social work values compete against one another. Often, a social worker is faced with a decision that can be supported of either side by a social work value. For example, perhaps one side of the decision may be supported by dignity and worth of a person; however, the alternative side of the dilemma may be supported by integrity. The easiest way to conceptualize this would be framing it like this – If I do _____________, that decision would be supported by (social work core value). On the other hand if I do_____________, that would be supported by (social wok core value).

For reference sake, the core values are service, integrity, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, and competence. These are outlined and defined in the NASW Code of Ethics, found in this week’s reading material.

For your discussion board this week please answer the following:

Given the scenario last week, please discuss the competing values in the dilemma. You should not only list them, but explain how these values are relevant, and hat about those values creates that competing tension. Your post should demonstrate that you are able to identify dilemmas, and can analyze the competing values present. This requires that you have a genuine understanding of the core values of social work.

Simply stating competing values is not sufficient here, be sure to explain why they are relevant and how they compete.

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