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governance duties 4 pages

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Write a 4 pages paper on the principles of board governance. Explore at least three governance principles. Describe each in detail. Compare how these principles are aligned with the IRS’s principles of good governance. Your paper should be supported by materials from the textbook and at least two additional academic sources. You may use any of the required or recommended articles for this course as additional academic sources.

Describes three governance principles.

Compares each principle with the IRS principles of good governance.


IRS fact Sheets help nonprofits comply with laws. (2008, May). Nonprofit World, 26(3), 8.

kuralay0505. (2009, May 8). Steps for Nonprofit Accountability [Video File]. Retrieved from

This nine-minute video discusses key steps to ensure accountability in nonprofit organizations. These include: (1) Develop a Culture of Accountability and Transparency; (2) Adopt Code of Ethics; (3) Adopt a Conflict of Interest Policy; (4) Ensure that the Board of Directors Understands Financial Responsibilities; (5) Ensure the Accuracy of Form 990; (6) Conduct Independent Financial Reviews; (7) Be Transparent; and (8) Establish and Support a Policy on Reporting Suspected Misconduct or Malfeasance.

Worth, M. J. (2017). Nonprofit management: Principles and practices (4th ed.). Retrieved from

Chapter 4: Nonprofit Governing Boards
Chapter 6: Ensuring Accountability and Measuring Performance

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