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group dynamic team leader challenge 1

Hello, please answer the questions in 2-3 sentences NOT in an essay form

Here are the scenarios:

First Challenge –

You are an attorney in a law office with several other attorneys, paralegal assistants, clerical staff, and an office technician. Leadership is shared among the attorneys, and you are the leader for the staff meetings and for office management issues. Decisions about how the office operates are made in weekly meetings with the entire staff. The office technician has informed you that problems are increasing with the office computer system and it is time to make a major change. This technological decision will affect the work of everyone in the office.

The office functions well and people have good working relationships. Although they do not welcome learning a new computer system, many people in the office recognize that a change in technology is needed. For most office decisions, the staff discusses issues and makes a group decision. However, there are many technical aspects to the computer system decisions, and you are uncertain whether everyone should be involved in this decision.

1 – How should you (the leader for office management issues) make the decision about the new computer system?

2 – Are the team members capable of making this decision, or is this a time when more authoritative leadership is important?

3 – what leadership style is best here? Why?

Second Challenge – Problem-Solving

Your organization uses improvement teams composed of professionals and managers throughout the organization to solve important organizational problems. Team membership is highly valued because participation provides good visibility to upper management. Consequently, team members are highly motivated to perform. You have been selected to lead the next team. To prepare for the role, you have been discussing problems with former team leaders.

The last improvement team got off to a fast start. At the first meeting, the team diagnosed the problem and started generating solutions. Members quickly focused on a preferred alternative and began developing an implementation program. After several months of work, the team presented its proposal to top management. However, when it started implementing the proposal, serious problems became apparent and the project was scrapped.

1 – How can the new team leader avoid the problem of the previous project team?

2 – What problem-solving approaches should you use?

3 – How can you prevent the team from wasting time on a proposal that does not really solve the problem?

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