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Hall of Bulls Final Research Paper

In Step 4 you developed an outline for your paper. Now, with the help of your annotated bibliography and the notes you have taken on sources you may potentially cite in your paper, you will flesh out a final research paper. Your paper must:

·  include a minimum of five sources

·  be at least 1500 words long

·  employ footnotes/bibliography formatted using the Chicago Author-Date style (see the link provided in the research assignment folder/course module)

·  be uploaded as a word document or as a PDF file 

This assignment is due before 5 PM on August 5th. Late submissions will result in a 25 point grade reduction. Absolutely no late submissions will be accepted beyond two days after the initial deadline.


It is presumed that each student will work independently on all exams and papers. Students found guilty of plagiarizing or cheating on exams will, at a minimum, forfeit that assignment. Plagiarism is defined as “literary theft” and consists of the unattributed quotation of the exact words of a published text or the unattributed borrowing of original ideas by paraphrase from a published text. Each direct quotation, as well as ideas and facts that are not generally known to the public-at-large, must be attributed to their author. Citations should be made in footnotes. If you do not understand what constitutes plagiarism or how to appropriately cite sources, please consult with your instructor.

Your paper will consist of five sections: 

1.  Introductory Paragraph with THESIS STATEMENT – Identify your artwork and state your thesis.

2.  Formal Analysis – Description and analysis of the work in your own words:

 Detailed formal description of the works, moving from the general to the specific (Analysis: breaking the whole into parts for understanding.) Include elements and principles of design: subject, lines, medium, color, light, space, composition, scale, and technique.  Ask and answer: How does the art work in formal terms?

3.  Iconography

 Discussion of the content, symbolism and meaning of the work as conveyed through its formal elements.  Include information about what story or idea the object depicts.

4.  Iconology (Contextual Analysis) – Synthesis – Thesis of paper: SO WHAT factor

·  Discussion of period style revealed in the form of the artwork and contextualization of the object in a specific movement/era. Thesis communicates to viewer how to see and experience the artworks.

Your synthesis should make clear the relevance of THIS WORK.  Your reader should understand why it is meaningful and useful to study the work and form discussions around it.

5.  Summary Paragraph – Reiterate your thesis.

Your research paper will function as a measureable assessment for the GELO associated with this course, which is Critical Thinking.  The evaluative rubric for this paper is below. In order to get GELO CREDIT for ARH 2050 students must successfully write formal research paper(s) using appropriate and authoritative text-based and web sources (minimum of 1500 words – about 6 pages of text).  Student work must meet the academic definition of successful college-level writing.

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