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Healthcare Management

The assignment carries a possible 60% of the overall module weighting (available marks).

Assignment question

The essay has a maximum word count of 2000 words (excluding the end reference list but including everything else) with the following title: 

Analyse the roles and responsibilities of managers in healthcare contexts.

If you submitted an essay plan and received formative feedback this will provide you with an excellent framework for writing your essay.

Assignment Guidance

The following are examples of what you should consider in your essay:

  1. Define      the roles and responsibilities of healthcare managers in terms of skills      and applications within healthcare organisations. You may also like to      include a definition of an organisation. Remember that responsibilities      are to stakeholders and the organisation aims and objectives so these will      need to be analysed and discussed.

  2. Discuss      management skills and the challenges and barriers to implementing      strategies and carrying out the role day to day.

  3. Describe      management systems, strategies and processes for complying with organisational      policy, legislation and other regulatory and non- regulatory requirements      within healthcare contexts. 

Remember the essay format from the essay plan activity; use clear headings to signpost each section and ensure work is evidence-based throughout with correctly formatted citations and end references. 

You will draw on all unit concepts for this final essay and include a connection to management theory, principles and strategies.

Use Harvard Referencing.

Departmental guidelines on preparation and submission of coursework

  • Assignments      should be submitted in either MS Word or Open Office format unless stated      otherwise on the assignment submission page
  • Use      standard margins: 1″ (2.5cm) on all sides.
  • Use      standard Arial 12-point font size.
  • Use      double-line spacing
  • Pages      should be numbered consecutively
  • Your      work should be correctly referenced using the Harvard      Referencing style.

Please note, a word count penalty applies to this assessment.

If your assessment exceeds the word count limit or range by more than 10% then your awarded grade will be reduced by 10% grade points. For more information please see the word count penalties information.

Not meeting the word count

There is no grade reduction applied if your assignment does not meet the word count range or limit, but to maximise your opportunity to achieve the highest grade possible, you should aim to meet the word count or range as closely as possible.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate      an understanding of the variety of healthcare organisations
  • Discuss      the role of management in healthcare and explore the challenges and      barrier to effective management
  • Identify      major stakeholders in healthcare management



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