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hist1015 north american history to the civil war writing midterm 2

1) Of the two primary sources below, pick ONE and write a 2-3 paragraph analysis that identifies the image and explains its significance within a historical context. Be sure to refer to specific elements in the image to make your arguments. Use only course materials (lectures, textbooks, documents)

2) In 2-3 clear and thoughtful paragraphs, please answer ONE of the following questions. Use only course materials (lectures, textbook, documents)

  1. 1) What factors shaped the decisions of Indigenous people during and after the Seven Years’ War? Why did the war not end for them in 1763?
  2. 2) The Declaration of Independence is often referred to as a “founding document” in our nation’s history. In many ways, this is not entirely accurate. Why should we question the role of the Declaration of Independence in “founding” the United States?
  3. 3) In 1773, the colonists referred to the event we now call “The Boston Tea Party” as “The Destruction of the Tea.” What is the difference between these two names? Why did the colonists use the language of “destruction” rather than “party” to refer to the event?
  4. 4) One of the main concerns of the British during the years after the Seven Years’ War was watching the colonial public become increasingly politicized. What did the politicization of the public mean? How did ordinary people get involved in the politics of resistance?
  5. 5) The American Revolution is often described as a war against taxation. This, however, is not an entirely accurate description. If the colonists did not have a problem with taxes, what did they have a problem with? How did the colonists’ understanding of taxation differ from the way the British Empire understood their right to tax their colonies?

3) In 2-3 clear and thoughtful paragraphs, please answer the following question. Use only course materials (lectures, textbook, documents):

Of the many soaring and moving words Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, perhaps the most important two words in the entire document were “He” and “We.” What was the function of these words? Where did such language come from? How did they shape and define the core logic of the American Revolution itself?

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